Brokerage service

“Greenline Expo Logistics” offers customs clearing services.

We provide:

– customs clearing at Russian border;

– customs clearing at domestic customs points;

– customs clearing of exhibits and goods of cultural and historical value;

– domestic customs transit to regional customs points;

– assistance in obtaining certificates of compliance and hygiene certificates;

– advice on the execution of foreign trade contracts and documents required for the customs clearing of imported and exported cargoes, and cargoes in transit;

– customs clearing at the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports;

– customs clearing in Europe, Middle Asia, and CIS;

– classification of goods in accordance with TN VED (Goods Classifier for Foreign Economic Activity) of the Customs Union;

– calculation of customs payments (duties, charges, excise duties, taxes);

– customs clearing of goods using CARNET ATA.

Due to the complexity of Russian customs laws, we offer individual approach to every operation where goods cross Russian borders. Our specialists will help you find the best solution and execute a package of documents required for customs clearing.