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GreenLine Expo Logistics – is experienced Operations Team in exhibition and event logistics. We offer customized solutions for specific company tasks. Our main advantages are the following:

"Door to door" Service. We provide our Customers with a full range of services for different exhibitions, forums, summits and other events’ cargoes shipment and customs clearance. Cargoes and shipment geography are all over the world.

High shipping terms requirements. We can work in a pressed for time conditions, when it is necessary to a arrange exhibition cargoes and advertising materials shipment to the booth rapidly and on schedule. We provide the availability of the equipment necessary for a successful event, in the right place at the right time.

Solutions for different complex tasks. There is a special approach for logistics arrangements for exhibitions, summits, forums, shows, the new products launch and other events. Thanks to many years of experience and special knowledge necessary for working with cargoes, as well as close cooperation with the largest events organizers, we offer dedicated solutions and help our Customers business to adapt to the most complex market requirements.

Trust and responsibility. We can arrange cargo shipment and customs clearance in any part of the globe so that the client can be flexible in using resources, and the opportunity to make participation in the event even more efficient.

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With decades of experience in handling activities of the largest world known Art Centers, GreenLine Expo Logistics provides professional assistance, while ensuring the careful attitude and responsible approach required to dealing with the most expensive objects in the world.

Our specialists will arrange comprehensive services for the Customers, create individual packaging for any valuable cargo, providing delicate cargo protection during transportation. We will also help to prepare all the documents, according to Customs requirements, for cargoes, being shipped to Art Events.

We consider even a smallest detail in every event! Therefore, we can arrange our services to fit our Customers’ needs and requirements, paying attention to all the features of the upcoming projects.



GreenLine Expo Logistics provides comprehensive Customer support in the exhibition logistics, starting from the stage of cargo and documents preparation, right through to managing cargo return flow into the Customer’s warehouse.

To guarantee cargo shipment in time, we will help you to fill in a commercial invoice, in accordance with the customs requirements, we will verify the documents with the customs authorities before the goods will leave the country of origin.

We arrange cargo shipment in accordance with your instructions and requirements. The goods will be moved to a Stand upon Your arrival there. We will provide your packaging secure storage during the event.

After the exhibition, we can either send the cargo back to the country of origin, or to another exhibition, or store your cargoes in our warehouse.



Due to years of experience in special cargoes deliveries GreenLine Expo Logistics solves difficult and unforeseen situations and arranges shipment of sports equipment to the sports ground exactly in time.

We provide complex and detailed planning and logistics arrangements for your event. To prepare the procedures and necessary documents we get a direct link to the customs authorities. We also arrange shipping guidelines to supply event participants with all necessary information.

We make cargo shipping under control to assure a suitable type of transport, securely packing and delivery in the most efficient way.

There is a cargo tracking and remote management during its movement. Upon cargo arrival at the destination airport, it will be processed immediately and will be moved to the exhibition site.


GreenLine Expo Logistics offers a comprehensive logistic solution for each Customer. If necessary, through a wide range of established foreign agencies contacts, we can provide a coordinated exhibition cargo shipment. As well as on-site logistics: cargo arrangements and warehousing, returns management, exhibits installation and dismantling, storage of exhibition cargo, delivery to the stand and from the stand to the warehouse.


Additional services

- Booth installation.

- Installation / dismantling, loading / unloading at any part of Russia and the whole world.

- Personal transport with a personal drive anywhere in the world.

- Translator assistance all over the world.

- Booking & buying Air and railway tickets within Russia and all over the world.

- Booking hotels within Russia and all over the world.

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The fastest way of cargo shipment

- All the airports worldwide shipments, full service forwarder and direct agency contracts with airlines.

- Oversized, valuable, dangerous, fragile cargo shipment.

- Fast delivery combined with maximum reliability.

- Air cargo tracking full service.

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Customs clearance, assistance in Carnet ATA in the CCI receiving

 - Customs clearance, assistance in Carnet ATA in the CCI receiving.

- Exhibition cargo, cultural and historical valuable cargo Customs clearance in the mode of "temporary import / export".

- Customs clearance arrangement worldwide.

- Assistance in receiving of the necessary permits in governmental agencies.

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Insurance against all risks during transportation and handling.

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All the ocean ports worldwide shipment

- Bill of Lading draft verifying and confirmation, together with all the necessary commercial documents to arrange port forwarding and customs clearance.

- Direct contracts with marine lines.

- Forehanded information for our Customers about goods lead time, time schedules and routes changes.

- Cargo tracking to inform Customers about cargo location.

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Railway Logistics in Russia and abroad

- Routes optimization and preparation of all necessary documents.

- Empty containers supply coordination, goods stuffing and fastening and loaded containers moving to the departure station.

- Shipments from port terminals arrangements as part of mixed freight trains, or as part of block container trains.  

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Full and consolidated cargo trucks

- International and domestic deliveries. Cargoes consolidation in our warehouses in Germany and Russia.

- General and groupage cargoes, oversized, expensive cargoes trucks delivery.

- Transportation of dangerous, thermal cargo, medicines.

- Cargo tracking on the whole route.

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Full range of professional warehouse services

- Warehousing of cargoes before the event and during the events.

- Cargo preparation for transportation, manual order entry in the warehouse, cargo packaging and marking

- Groupage cargo shipment arrangement.

Consolidation warehouse for cargo collection and processing before shipment.

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